91 Chumby in your car's dashboard?


92 Forum RSS Feed

by Chris D

97 Chum search borked?

by cbreeze

98 Chumby Store

by Darst

99 Local Widget Section

by MSlafka

100 Shipping to UK

by gambit

102 Until December 3rd???!!!

by xanotos

103 Featured widgets

by cbreeze

105 Chumby Widget Browsing

by eddieyee

107 rss feed modified

by goltoof

109 Widget display suggestion

by cbreeze

110 Chumby Availability?

by mjcaisse

111 Downtime 7/23?

by cbreeze

112 Forum "Unread" Timeout?

by Dodge DeBoulet

113 Love the new forum look.

by cbreeze

114 Single Sign On

by fencken

115 Widget User?Counter

by con_mame