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Although I am also having trouble with recognizing my login - using a specific store url gets me logged in and to my shopping cart (also showing me as logged in).

I am able to fill out all info to purchase - but clicking on the 'continue secured purchase' link simply refreshes my shopping cart.

Is this because the item is back ordered - or is there a problem with the site?

Re: Chumby Store

Unfortunately, we're out of chumby one's at this moment and plan on getting a new batch from the manufacturer early February.  For now, you won't be able to place an order for a chumby one at all, even if you want it to be backordered.  Sorry for the confusion on the site.


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Good to know smile

Sorry to hear they are back ordered though... wanted one NOW - lol

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When the Chumby One is back in stock, will you still be able to purchase 2 @ $99.95 each?

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Why not take the order and ship when they are in stock?

Just read a magazine article in Maximum PC and I want one.

You run the risk of people like me forgetting about it and not coming back.

Seems like you shouldn't hold up the order just cause your outta' stock.