Topic: Chumby Availability?

I ordered a Chumby last week which arrived yesterday. So far the family is enjoying it and treating it like the new pet.

When I made my order only the "Special Edition" versions were available. I got a Cardinal. I went to check on ordering another today and only the Amythest version is available.

I've read nearly every bit of information I could find in the past week about the Chumby and the Chumby business model. Did I miss something along the way that indicated partnering with makers of picture frames would be the demise of the Chumby device? Is the lack of inventory due to a business plan and shift in how to promote the network? Will there be a restocking of Chumby styles?

It appears to be a solid hardware design with a well thought out software architecture. Good job to the team!

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Re: Chumby Availability?

Even with some of the other partner products we're developing, as far as I know, there's no intent to discontinue devices sold under the "chumby" brand - it's just that certain color combinations are currently out of stock.  It appears that we underestimated the demand for certain combinations.

I'm not sure what's better - running out of a product, or getting stuck with a warehouse full of them as many other companies are experiencing.  I guess in this economy, the first is probably preferable, since one at least has the cash to make more.

Unfortunately, I don't have any information about the production schedule - though I do know the lead time is pretty long and this is a busy time of year for the factories that make these sorts of things.

Re: Chumby Availability?

Duane -

Thank you for the information. It is exactly what I wanted to hear.

Re: Chumby Availability?

Noticed the estimated date for some colors has improved from December to early October.
I have to admit I was reading things into the late December ship estimate combined with the comments about new products to be announced.

I've been watching the new products announced by Logitech, was hoping for a Chumby integration into their new Squeezebox Touch.
Oh well maybe something interesting will come out of  IFA