Topic: How do I do a New Widget searches now?

It used to be really easy to see all of the widgets in chronological order. First the website did it by default. Then it got harder, requiring a search of all widgets with the settings "New" and "Newest". Now when I browse the widgets, there is no New category at all.

I don't log into the website often enough to just use the top 10 list of newest widgets. I'm often 20 widgets, or more, behind the curve. I need to be able to search for widgets based on the order in which they were added, newest first. So how do I do this? And if I can't, could this feature be re-added back into the options? It seems foolish that it was removed to begin with.

Re: How do I do a New Widget searches now?

At the moment this link seems to work the right way: … _by=newest