Topic: Has spoiled us?

I really like my Chumby, and I think that is in large part due to the excellent relationship that Chumby Industries has with its customers.  What other gadget company not only responds to suggestions but actually encourages users to submit them?  I frequently come across cases with other electronics (my allegedly smartphone, TV, Amazon Kindle, etc) where I can think of suggested improvements, but none have such an easy feedback method as Chumby, so instead of actually being suggested to companies, these suggestions are typically just mumbled under my breath or discussed with my gadget-obsessed friends.

So have Chumby users been spoiled by this unique experience, or is Chumby paving the way for a new direction in electronics development -- one in which users don't need to settle for whatever the manufacturers churn out but rather the devices are designed and improved upon with the users needs and feedback taken into account?

Re: Has spoiled us?

Definitely spoiled.
I have never seen the likes of CI. They put up a forum for users and pay attention to it.
They participate. Even the big dog answers from time to time.
Duane seems to live here.
You can't please everyone but they sure try.

Re: Has spoiled us? is another... but they are few and far between...

Re: Has spoiled us?

Woof.  :^)

Thanks for noticing that the Forum is really important to us.  It is.  I'm not sure myself how Duane is able to be so amazingly productive yet still moderate this place, but god bless him.