by mancio

183 Chumby can't connect to network

by Scaryspyder

184 Bad speakers?

by Gidean

187 Bend Sensor Testing

by ctuck

192 Loose screen

by kgeissler

194 Power issues

by Jodi

195 Info Page locks up Chumby

by zachninme

196 Ripple effect in LCD.

by valmendarez

198 Top switch a bit "sticky"?

by scottjanousek

200 Checking network devices

by PinballMagic

203 Buy a chumby

by cicamargoba

204 chumby without case

by cicamargoba

205 Power adapter flaky

by tibbetts

206 Shipping to Canada

by pierre.myre

207 Ordered a latte Chumby

by kerplunk

208 Sick alpha chumby

by bok

209 Strange Sound on Boot

by zachninme