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There are still some new chumby devices out there if you look hard enough.

With the service back online, I'm tempted to buy another chumby for a vacation home.  Would I be foolish to invest my money in a new device?  I'd be betting that the service would be around long enough to make my investment worthwhile.

Can a new device even be registered on the resurrected service?

What do you guys think?

Thanks, Duane, for all you have done!


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From what Duane has publicly said, there have been enough people subscribing to the service to pay the operational cost. As long as that continues the service should continue. I don't think Duane would have worked for almost a year and a half then, just when the full service becomes active and money starts coming in, pull the plug on the service. That said, there are no guarantees.

New devices can be registered with the new service. In some cases the firmware might have to be updated for the Chumby to work.

I believe the service will be around for years. If I were you I would buy another one for the vacation home. Just my $0.02

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Re: Buying a new chumby

jasdempsey wrote:

Can a new device even be registered on the resurrected service?

What do you guys think?

As BoloMKXXVII said, yes, you can register more devices to your account.

a number of your questions may be answered in the new FAQ

Duane is very much about the future, he wants a sustainable service, something that will be there today, and tomorrow, and going forward.   He wants to encourage widget authors to develop new widgets for your fun and enjoyment.

When the original chumby shut down, Duane looked at all the people who would lose out, and he just couldn't let it happen. 

He's not going to abandon you now.

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Re: Buying a new chumby

And yes, activating new devices works fine.  I just activated a Black Chumby 8

Re: Buying a new chumby

Thanks everyone.