Topic: FAQs about the revived service <read me!>

Do I have to create a new account?

Accounts have been preserved from the old service, if you had an account there, all you have to do is log in!  If you're new to the chumby world, then you'll need to create a new account.

I forgot my password, and my email address changed, so I can't reset it.  What can I do?

Please contact us at and we'll try to help you.

Well, it turns out I forgot my username, too.

That's not a question.

OK, you big jerk, how can I find my username?

Your username is displayed on the "info", "about" or "settings" screen on each of the devices.

I have a chumby/infocast that I bought since the old service shut down, it's registered to someone else, can I get it registered to me?

YES! absolutely!

Log into your account, and go to the
my chumby/deactivate a chumby page

Take the chumby that isn't registered to you, and go to its settings page/chumby info screen.

There you will see it's ID, and its chumby name that it's registered under.  Enter those into the page

Click 'deactivate'... then reboot your chumby, and you'll get the classic "hey, I'm new, would you register me?" screen smile   Then you can go to the normal 'activate a new chumby' page.

Note that IDs consist of the digits 0 through 9, the letters A through F, and dashes.  Make sure you don't accidentally use the letter O, or mix up Bs and 8s. The ID is made of 8 digits, following by three groups of 4 digits, with a last section of 12 digits.

Also, be sure the enter the device's name, not the user's name or the channel name.

I subscribed to the new service, but why is my device still not showing the apps?

Be sure to reboot your device after subscribing.  If it's still not showing your apps, make sure that the device is actually registered to your account.  If that's not the issue, please email us at - be sure to include your username and the id and name of the device is question.

Can I pay for more than one month at a time?

We'll probably add longer-term subscriptions a bit down the line.

The #1 goal was to get the system up and available, even with some wet paint.

It made no sense to offer a complicated subscription service initially before finding out whether there was even close to enough interest to sustain the service, thus, not asking you for more than one month at a time.

Now that adequate interest has been shown, enough to cover recurring costs, and to even start paying down some of the previous expenses, it makes sense to offer longer term commitments.

I'm having problems activating my new chumby/Infocast!

Well, that's not really a question either, but I'm feeling generous smile   

Often times when a chumby fails to authorize, the reason is that it hasn't been given a name in step 1. please check that you've named your new chum first.

Do I have to subscribe each chumby/Infocast separately??

NO!! The chumby subscription is per user, if you have two, three, or nine (I'm lookin at you, Steevo smile ) it's all just the one account, and one subscription for all that you own.

Do I need to subscribe each month?

No, the subscriptions will auto renew at the end of each period, until you cancel the subscription.

Are you making new devices?

Despite the impression left by some articles in the media, no, we are not manufacturing new devices.  We do sell some new devices on thechumbystore, however they are unsold inventory from Chumby Industries - mostly reserves for warranty replacements.  Since those warranties have all expired, we have put the new devices on sale.

There are also some new devices being sold by third parties with whom we are not affiliated.

Yeah, ok, but are you *planning* on manufacturing new devices?

We are not currently planning on resuming production of devices.

I bought a new Chumby 8 from someone and it keeps complaining about a software update. What can I do?

New Chumby 8's require a firmware update.  Devices sold by thechumbystore already have that firmware applied, but this is generally not the case with devices sold by third parties.

In order to apply the update yourself, please see this post on the Chumby Forum.

Are you also supporting the Sony dash?

In April 2017, Sony announced that they were discontinuing server support for the dash C10, B7 and B70 devices on or around July 1, 2017.  Following this shutdown, the device will no longer function without modification.

We are developing the ability to support the dash C10 after this date with a small patch to allow the dash to activate with, and use, the chumby servers.  You can follow the progress of this effort in the "Sony dash" section of the chumby forum here.

At this time, we are not able to provide support for the B7 and B70 versions of the dash.

Who is Blue Octy?

Blue Octy is a shadowy multinational conglomerate with offices in all major world capitals and deep ties with governments all over the planet.  We control all of the major banks and financial institutions, overthrow governments, and manipulate the stock and commodities markets to our advantage.

Our motto is "Don't do too much evil on our quest to bring back Firefly."

We also support Chumby devices.

Cleaning up any loose bits and bytes.