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Hi, I'm trying to install chumby on a "HTC Desire S" running Android 2.3.3.   I did somethig wrong in the preconfiguration and I get this message on the phone:

First, "Authorizing", then "authenticating", and finally "Can't authenticate device"

I've tried to uninstall the app and reinstall again, but always get the same message.  Is there any way to do a full delete or reinstall, and start from scratch?



Re: Full reinstall on Android

Welcome to chumbysphere @frisco,

You should be able to uninstall the chumby app through the settings > applications menus on your phone.  Is your phone the only chumby device that is associated with your account?  For further assistance, please come see us in customer support (   -chumby support

Re: Full reinstall on Android

You should also remove the device from your chumby account before trying to register it again.

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Re: Full reinstall on Android

And how can I remove my device from the account?
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Re: Full reinstall on Android

Log in to your account on the website, select the menu item "my chumby"->"my chumby dashboard", select the device from the "select a chumby" popup, then hit the "delete" link.