Topic: Control Panel thru or Virtual Chumby?

Maybe I missed this...but is there a way to access the control panel of your chumby through  Either remotely (on the actual chumby) or just on a virtual chumby in a webpage?


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Re: Control Panel thru or Virtual Chumby?

I don't think so, there is a way to locally see what your chumby is playing from a web browser on your network, but it just loads jpegs screepcaps, there is no interaction with the device.

Re: Control Panel thru or Virtual Chumby?

I was just browsing the forums looking for the same answer.

I'm a geek for anything networkable. I also own the Nabaztag Rabbit, and I can control all aspects of that device through it's website control panel (although this is out of necessity; there's nothing you can do configuration-wise on the rabbit itself, as it has no user interface (LCD) like the Chumby).

I'd love to be able to make changes to the Chumby control panel and send them to the Chumby via the website, rather than having to go back to the Chumby itself. Is this something that is possible to develop, in theory?