Topic: Trashing the intrusive Chumby-corporate widgets

Is there a way to eliminate the intrusive, unwanted chumby corporate widgets?   You know... the "Chumby 101" (even though this is my SECOND Chumby and I've been around since beta days -- pretty much know how to use the accelerometer by now), or the sales oriented "buy a tee shirt" stuff I've been seeing? 

If not, its definitely time to investigate a new network, not owned by Chumby Inc.  This is my only complaint about an otherwise fantastic product... and its a deal-breaker.

Re: Trashing the intrusive Chumby-corporate widgets

thats a tad of an over reaction - dont think it is a big deal at all.

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Re: Trashing the intrusive Chumby-corporate widgets

This issue has been rehashed repeatedly.. theres a workaround. i think if you have less than ( think the magic numer is  5) widgets in a channel you wont get them... When you bought the chumby you agreed to the advertising... Search through the previous threads on this issue..

To quote Duane.. we wanted people to use our network, but the exits are clearly marked..

Tend to agree on the overdo on the Chumby 101 stuff but.. unless you want a monthly fee attached to your Chumby.. thats the way we play...

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Re: Trashing the intrusive Chumby-corporate widgets

I agree, these ads are really really really annoying. Very un-chumby like for them to do this. It's such BS dotcom advertising.

I used to make widgets for the chumby pretty often, but once I saw ads appearing among them I pretty much stopped even maintaining them, much less creating new ones.

As far as people saying "that's the price for using the Chumby", I say no, my purchase price is the price for using the Chumby. Screw the ads.

If anyone from Chumby reads this, you  really really really need a way for people to opt out of the ads. Make it a buried setting, make it an SSH-only setting, but you really need to give people a way to not show these silly little ads.

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How much of a subscription price would be necessary to have the option to eliminate the ads?  Chumby shouldn't care if the revenue came from subscribers or advertisers to offset their operating costs for the network.  And if I were them, I'd only report the number of Chumbies in the market (not non-paying subscribers) to potential advertisers.  Having the choice for ad-based and non-ad based service is pretty standard fare online these days.

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This has been discussed before here and in other threads. I seriously doubt anything new is going to be added to the discussion.

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Re: Trashing the intrusive Chumby-corporate widgets

The question we are told to ask ourself is, does the the Chumby worth these ads. This we can answer ourselfs.

But the Chumby Industrys have to ask themselfs a question too. Are these ads giving us something?? Do you really sell that much T-Shirts and stuff for the amount of auto-promotion ads we are throwing in there?

What if, to get rid of an ad, a user would buy a T-Shirt?

Re: Trashing the intrusive Chumby-corporate widgets

how many ads are you guys getting?

i think i've noticed them twice in the couple weeks i've had my chumby.

but i also don't stare down my chumby all day long.

anyway, i agree that they aren't that bad and i'd rather have a few ads then pay a monthly fee