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In terms of hardware, what type of input is there to interface with the chumby? Looking at it i would be assuming it would use a touch screen or something along those lines? Or will it have buttons on or around the device wich you can press?

Re: Physical interface?

Touchscreen, Bend Sensor (read through ADC), Ambient Light Sensor (read through same ADC).

The default Chumbilical has one USB port.
The HSP adds 8 Digital Ins, 8 Digitial Outs, a bunch of analog outs, 1 accelerometer.

No buttons, no dials, nothing by default.
This can all be found on the corporate site under the "Hardware" section.

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Re: Physical interface?

okay thank you. Yah for some reason whenever i try to go to any of those sections it sends me to a "developers" page, wich says


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The Chumby HDK/SDK Agreement "

It could be because i am using firefox or something, i had just assumed though that that portion of the site hadn't been finished. Thank you for an answer though.

Edit: Never mind, i take that back, i just had to agree to the HDK/SDK thing to view it.... just a human error....