Topic: WiFi key

Well, I was waiting up updates before I started posting some things just in case fixes were in the works. One that's still there with the new control panel and update... WiFi key is printed on the screen if you go to networks.

1) Settings -> Network -> OK (use existing network)
2) select any network in the list -> OK

Result: Key is printed in plain text.

Can we remove that line?

And while we're at it. Here's another method that doesn't need me to know anything more than the procedure and have access to the Chumby. It requires they be on the same network as the chumby, but since it requires they can access the Chumby, they can change the network the chumby is on to a network they have access to.

Start SSHD, SSH to the Chumby, cat /psp/network_configs.

Can we insert a password somewhere along this procedure?

Chumby needs network access to function and physical access to the Chumby gives up the keys if you know what to do.