Topic: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.68

To run the Control Panel Beta on your chumby, select it from the popup menu on the website on the "My Chumby" page - it's in the lower right - and reboot your chumby.  To return to the release Control Panel, just reselect "Control Panel" (without the "Beta") and reboot your chumby.

If you decide to revert back to the release Control Panel, you may need to "restore to factory defaults" in Safe Mode if you've made changes to the first alarm in the Alarms screen, since it's interpreted by the older Control Panel as alarm2.

if you are running a previous beta, simply reboot your chumby.  Please review previous release notes if this is your first beta.

Release Notes:

Version: 2.6.68
Release Date: 2/7/08

Summary: General stability improvements, some artwork changes.  Most of the remaining stability issues will require a firmware update

Re: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.68


- Different artwork for Mediafly
- Better handling of PLS files in My Streams and Radio Free Chumby
- Better handling of aborted streams in My Streams
- Fixes some stuttering when switching playlists in iPod, Mediafly
- Fixes stuttering problem when switching source in My Streams
- iPod selection will scan until iPod found or cancelled
- iPod UI generally fixed to comply with behavior of other music screens
- Some post-alarm actions were failing to complete
- Snoozes no longer cancelled if a different alarm edited or current alarm viewed
- Track index/count corrected on My Music Files screen
- Fixes other minor bugs
- Cannot disable alarm ring screen if using built-in alarm tones (Beep, Klaxon, Bugle)

Re: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.68


- Much higher reliability overall, however, still temperamental until the next firmware release.
- "Change channel" alarm actions will also take unit out of Night mode
- Second ring of alarm playing from a "My Music Files" will now play
- Volume and mute settings restored when alarm dismissed
- Snoozing will restore Night Mode
- Alarms now sensitive to timezone changes
- Duration of alarms now managed better

Re: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.68

Virtual Keyboard:

- Removes cross-button tracking of keys (certain touchscreen events are not reliable with current release of Flash Lite)
- Added acceleration to backspace key


- Timezone screen now differentiates between San Jose, California, and San Jose, Costa Rica
- Intro playback (Settings->Chumby Info->Intro) now plays nice with others
- Bend sensor in main screen returns to widget mode
- Hardware serial number now displayed in Chumby Info screen
- Volume sliders don't jump around on load
- Chum list no longer flickers on load
- Night mode restored on FP restart
- Better handling of crashed/frozen widgets

Re: Release Notes - Control Panel 2.6.68

Known bugs:

- Some podcasts fail to play under Mediafly - requires firmware update
- Some streams and music files will "click" at regular intervals - requires firmware update
- "My Music Files" will not recognize complicated file names - requires firmware update
- still a limit on iPod song count
- alarms may still fail to wake you up