Topic: Love the new Steams pages!

Rebooted the Chumby this morning and lo and behold - the interaction with streams of all sorts is improved!  I like it,  thanks much!

I'd still love to scroll through streams by tilting the Chumby, but you guys made a major step forward last night (or whenever - still on .54 and it wasn't like that yesterday...).

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Re: Love the new Steams pages!

I like the new artwork.  I don't know about tilt scrolling, but I really liked the shoutcast scrolling from the first beta (the slide iPod style).  Now there's no list grabbing OR slide scrolling sad.  If I did it my way, I'd keep the artwork and the up/down buttons, but allow sliding like the original beta if the user's finger starts between the arrows. 

All in all, good stuff, thanks!

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Re: Love the new Steams pages!

I also prefered the list grabbing scrolling. With the buttons it takes much too long to get to the bottom of a list. If there was a way to hold the buttons and the speed of the scroll was dependant on how far towards the edge of the  screen you pressed that may solve both sides of this. So if you tapped the buttons it would scroll one line at a time, but if you held the buttons it would scroll with the speed dependant on the position of the press.

Just my thoughts - thanks.