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Hello: I setup my Chumby with 2 alarms each day, to put it in and out of Night Mode- not for any other reason (and this does feel like a bit of a hacky way to put it in and out of night mode, for the long-term). Generally, I *love* the improvements with the Beta Control Panel.

Biggest Kavetch tho: when my alarm goes off, I'm frequently not home... so for many hours, the Chumby has the same confirm or modal screen on display. Could I recommend perhaps making that screen timeout after, say, 5 minutes, and then default to showing whatever the primary button would enact?

Screen burnout, and just general annoyance, are my two biggest pain-points with this.

I *love* the radio functionalities, too! Hooray for Internet Radio!

Control Panel Version: 2.6.49

Re: Confirm and Modal Screens: Timeout... ???

click on the "don't show alarm screen" checkbox for those "housekeeping" alarms and you won't see the alarm announcement.

Re: Confirm and Modal Screens: Timeout... ???

There was some debate about this - we currently leave the "alarm ring" screen on indefinitely so that at least you know that the alarm happened if you weren't there to see it.

As mentioned, this screen can be disabled entirely.

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Re: Confirm and Modal Screens: Timeout... ???

yeah... the first time I came home to find an alarm screen displaying, i thought something had gone haywire... but then it occurred to me that this is probably a good behavior - to let me know that an alarm went off, but I wasn't there to see it.

incidentally, there was one time (running beta 2.6.49) that I came home about a half-hour after an alarm fired and the 'bugle' was still playing. made me wonder if the ":30" in the alarm duration settings indicates seconds or minutes. I read it to be seconds, but it isn't labeled as either...

Re: Confirm and Modal Screens: Timeout... ???

Ok- cool- figured it out- thanks for the clarification!!

Just a small usability-recc perhaps for the impatient/add crowd among Chumby's users... perhaps do a "Tip" blurb on the alarm screen, letting users know they can disable the alarm-screen in the alarm's edit pane... ?? Of course, way fewer words than I just used- but I do like little info/tip blurbies like that.

In a perfect world, idiotard tips wouldn't be necessary- it'd all just be so intuitive- but I think when you're releasing a whole new product, platform, etc., it does a great service making users feel less stupid or weird, peppering a small percentage of screens with these.