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Topic: SHOUTCast surprises this morning

Scrolling through the shoutcast list this morning, I was surprised -- the radio stations have greatly changed.  Gone are the NPR stations, and there is a lot of international stations (4 or more Polish stations?).  It's not that I'm against international radio (far from it) but I didn't its listeners were your beta target demographic.

Could we have WBUR and the other NPR stations back on the SHOUTcast list, please?


Re: SHOUTCast surprises this morning

The shoutcast list scoops the popular stations list that shoutcast.com auto-generates:


so it'll fluctuate. I think that's kinda the point of Radio Free Chumby - something that Chumby Inc controls more directly.

Re: SHOUTCast surprises this morning

Correct - we have no control over the stations list. It comes from SHOUTcast just as you see it.

Stations come and go, and move around the list based on popularity.