Topic: WiFi Passkey security?

I have been using my Chumby for a couple of weeks now. As I start to use it more and work it into my daily life there are a few things that stand out.

One of them has to do with the Chumby security around my wireless connection. It works great with my WPA-PSK setup at home but I have a problem when I confirm my settings.

Control Panel -> NETWORK -> use an existing connection -> <Select a secure connection> and you end up at the Confirm Settings.

When I look at this screen I see the name of my ap, the auth and encryption, key, and the IP allocation method. The problem I have is that the key is in plaintext. This really strikes me as an issue because anyone that has access to the Chumby has access to that password and my network. WiFi best practices aside I think that this is concerning and might hinder adoption in some secure environments. It is not something that would bother the average user but I would like to see some uses in a corporation.