Topic: Kudos to Online Chat Support

I've been having some kinda strange issues with my Chumby this morning trying to get it on my corporate network - and then trying to get it back to factory settings.

Matt (from Australia) has been extremely professional and prompt in my online chat session and has done an outstanding job in his support role. I've delt with several online chat support specialists and he's been outstanding.

I wanted to make his efforts known and also start a thread to recognize other great examples of customer service. We all want Chumby to take off - service like this will definitely help!

Re: Kudos to Online Chat Support

Right on.

When I first got my Chumby, I had a problem getting it set up. My experience with the online chat support was likewise excellent - the fellow I talked with was very pleasant and helpful. I got my issue straightened out quickly following his advice. I'm sorry I don't remember his name.