Topic: Browser options for Classic?

Hello! I found a chumby classic in my childhood bedroom when visiting my parents over the summer and have been unable to get a browser working, either via the "webpage" widget or the web browser linked on the wiki. My goal is to point the browser at Snapcast (a multi-client synchronized audio server which I have running on a different machine on my network) and use the Chumby as an audio receiver. Unfortunately the zips available on the wiki are only for Falconwing and Silvermoon devices, not Ironforge, and I get what other users have reported on the forum (an unresponsive window stuck in the top-left for the Silvermoon version and a jittery scrambled image for the Falconwing version). Using the official Webpage widget just shows the URL on screen without actually loading the page. Has anyone had luck with a browser on the Classic?