Topic: Chumby Store inactivity / failure

My Chumby stopped booting properly -- looked to me like a failure of the power supply to deliver quite enough power to the device and although I was only really keeping it running as an exercise in nostalgia, I decided to try to buy a new PSU from the Chumby Store.

Which I did. April 7th 2022, successful payment made.

No receipt, though. No acknowledgement of the order.

The money's still gone from my account, though.

It's an international order, so I decided I'd wait for a while to see if anything arrived anyway, before panicking.

No communication, no despatch notification, no delivery, nothing.

The money's still gone from my account, though.

I haven't renewed the card I was keeping my subscription active with. I figure whatever happens now, my Chumby's staying dead.

But -- just so's you know, and just in case anyone that's anything to do with the Store is reading, at either end of any transaction, I'm going to try to get my bank to get my money back and I would strongly advise anyone considering anything similar ... think again.

Re: Chumby Store inactivity / failure

Hmmm, not sure what happened to your order.  Please send an email to and I'll investigate.

Re: Chumby Store inactivity / failure

OK, we looked into this situation - apparently we have been attempting to send emails to you about this order through the shopping site, but it seems based on your post that they're not getting to you.

We've sent another email this evening, if we don't hear back, we'll just issue a refund.