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Just brought my old Chumby Classic back from the dead for a project, but it looks like the wifi dongle is toast. The MAC address shows up 90% of the time as 00:00:00:00:00:00. It showed up briefly with a real MAC address once after taking it apart and reseating it, but it had trouble detecting wifi hotspots, wouldn't connect to the one it did detect, and now it's back to 00:00:00:00:00:00 no matter what I do. I took it out and plugged it into my laptop and it doesn't show up with lsusb. So, yeah. Reasonably sure it's a goner.

How impossible is it to find a compatible replacement in 2022? Should I just buy a new Chumby?

Re: Chumby classic - Dead Wifi

The chipset in the USB Wifi adapter is the Ralink RT73.

Since you've already opened up the device, I'll try to find one in storage next time I get a chance (I'm out of town at the moment).

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That'd be amazing, thank you!

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Please email a photo of the back of the front unit so I can see which version of the chumby Classic you have (there are three different ones).

In particular, I need to see the position and orientation of the Wifi board.  If you have the current Wifi board uninstalled from the device, take a closeup picture of that too.

Send the photos to