Topic: Turn Dash back into a dumb clock?

Is there a way I can turn my Dash unit back into just a dumb clock (that always stays connected to the network, and hopefully keeps the correct time)?  I have it currently showing video images, but don't need that capability anymore.


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Re: Turn Dash back into a dumb clock?

Actually that is what I am using my 3 Dash units for--just alarm clocks. There isn't much you need to do. You don't need to opt for the subscription if you don't want to use any of the apps. Not sure if that helps. You may need to explain further what info you need.

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Re: Turn Dash back into a dumb clock?

1) If you have a subscription, you can unsubscribe and you'll get the default theme with the default clock.  There are posts out there about adding themes that can do things like make the default clock full-screen.

2) You can completely remove the chumby patches - either by doing a "safe mode" factory reset, or booting with the chumby patch dongle inserted and choosing the option to uninstall the patches - at that point, the device will revert to whatever Sony set it to do at end-of-life.