Topic: Email from Widget not working?

For some time now, I have noticed that Widgets that are equipped to send emails, and were previously sending, are not sending mail now.
Some of the Widgets I have confirmed that used to send mail, but now are not are:
American Thinker
Make Magazine
Daily Caller
CBS News Headlines
BBC News

Is anyone else having this problem?

Re: Email from Widget not working?

I checked the outbox and I see emails for several of those widgets having been sent.

There are multiple outgoing emails for BBC and CBS today.

I'm not seeing outgoing email from some of the rest - I've checked the server and the email functionality is enabled for all of them.  The widgets *might* be short-circuiting if there's no actual link to send.  Some of the widgets scrape the content in the absence of RSS and may not be properly picking up the links, and in some cases, the RSS is so degraded that they sometimes don't have links either.

In any case, given that these widgets worked in the past, and don't now, with no changes to either the widgets or the server, while other widgets work fine, points to changes in the upstream feed.

Re: Email from Widget not working?

Thanks Duane.  I did some checking and you were right - my work is blocking gmail addresses.
Where do I set the email address that the widgets use?
Currently the ones that send mail , send to my gmail account.  I'd like to change that, but cant seem to remember where that setting is made.

Re: Email from Widget not working?

The widgets send email to the email address associated with your chumby account.

You can change that address on the website at "my chumby"->"account settings".

Note that that will not update the email address for the payment processor for subscriptions (Stripe), since the maintain their own account database.