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I've mentioned this in some of the threads, but here's what we've been doing as a company and what I've been doing personally during this unprecedented situation.

Besides my regular jobs, I've been spending evenings and weekends working with a local Dan Diego group to make faceshields and expanders, using both my personal 3D printers, a printer belonging to a co-worker, and the six printers my employees owns when they're idle.

The other main part of the face shield is the clear plastic sheet.  My local group bought a *lot* of plastic of various thicknesses, and I used my company's CNC router to cut the mounting holes and round off the corners.  I've probably done about 20,000 sheets over the last several weeks.

In addition, I took one of the more common 3D printer designs and modified it for mass production using injection molding.  I worked closely with a plastic prototyping company we frequently use here, Rapid Cut of North Carolina, and commissioned the manufacture of a mold in China.  We then placed an order for 10,000 face shield head bands -  the first batch of 2,500 were delivered this morning.

Half of these units came to me in San Diego, where they have been delivered to the local group to be assembled and distributed as donations to health care workers and first responders in Southern California and Baja Mexico.

The second half went to my brother in Orlando where he manages another operation under "".  These units are being delivered as donations today to hospitals in Central Florida.

The rest of the 10,000 are still on their way across the Pacific.

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Thank you for your efforts. For my little group of hospitals, we are finally good with face shields. We have been getting them from all kinds of sources. From grass roots groups like yours to large manufacturers like Ford Motor Corp. It has been a tremendous help! Gowns are a different issue. While enough gowns are available they aren't always the right type. Medical staff often has to wear much heavier/hotter gowns than necessary because that is what is available. Bonnets and shoe covers are also an issue. Again, we can get sufficient quantities, but not necessarily the type we want/need. While gloves were an issue for a short time, they are available now. The biggest problem healthcare facilities face now is fraud. Hospitals are almost all on allocation from their regular suppliers. When that allocation is not sufficient, alternate sources must be found and the scammers are out in force. We have an entire team working long hours 6 days a week vetting additional vendors that claim to be able to supply PPE. Our staff has done an amazing job keeping our clinical staff protected. It makes me sick that so many people are out there trying to make a buck off the misery of others. I am glad there are people like Brad that helps me keep my faith in humanity.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.

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Nicely done (both of you).

Without getting political, the one thing the Federal government *should* be doing is at least helping stamp out the fraud and scammers.  Unfortunately that does not appear to be a priority.  I know some other folks in similar situations who have ended up with far more of {item x} that they needed which they were able to trade for {item y} they were short on via another hospital.  That kind of market clearing is something else the government should be doing instead of letting it become the wild wild west

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No question that there are fraudsters out there - this situation has in many ways brought out both the best and the worst of us.  We are encountering skepticism when we reach out to donate these items - it seems that most people making similar offers of unusually high numbers of this particular item are scammers.

I have the ability now to make hundreds of thousands of face shields with relatively short lead times and relatively low costs, which I didn't have before.  If it is the case, which I believe, that the US will have a second wave, I'm better prepared to help than before.

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A coordinated effort from the highest levels, based on the best science available, would be a huge help. Pointing fingers at other nations while we do not have our own house in order doesn't accomplish anything.

This pandemic reminds me of the time after hurricane Andrew. You get to see the very best and the very worst of humanity.

Tar, feathers, congress. Some assembly required.