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Hey, I'm Cralex. I don't remember hearing about Chumby back in its heyday, but I heard about it from an Engadget article earlier this year, which I learned about because of my participation in the Pebble community. (Coverage for both devices was interesting... But anyway...) So I went online and purchased a Sony Dash, and successfully installed Chumby firmware to it.

So now I'm wrestling with the learning curve and trying to figure out which apps work for my Dash, or at all, and I'm seeing that the community seems lethargic. (Makes sense. Flash is a dying art and there's no database listing what apps are broken and which apps aren't.) Back in the pebble community, I started a publicly editable spreadsheet of which watchfaces still had working weather features and which ones didn't. I'm considering doing the same thing for Chumby, in the hopes that it might help focus app development by highlighting where it's needed. Is there any way to obtain a spreadsheet of the widgets that exist on the service now, or would it need to be filled out by hand? Also, are these forums the most active place in the Chumby community, or are there other places?

Like everyone who loves "old" devices, I'd love to make the most I can out of them and not let them go to waste.

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Welcome! I believe there are social media pages for Chumby, but as I do not use social media I am afraid I am not much help on that point. Each widget needs to be tested on different devices (Chumby, Chumby 8, Dash) so a lot of testing is needed. There has been discussion about testing all the widgets but I do not know if anyone is actively doing it. I myself planned on starting testing one of the widget categories on a Chumby One and a Chumby 8 but the Coronavirus has kept me pretty busy. If you are willing to test widgets on a Dash that would be a great start. Thank you.

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Welcome Cralex!

This is probably the most technical and active Chumby community you will find.

We are always looking for new people with fresh ideas. BTW I was one of the original Pebble backers. It is sitting in a drawer. Unfortunately I beat it up pretty good so you cannot see the screen under the gouges very well.

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Good to see another Pebble enthusiast! I’m working on a spreadsheet in Google Docs where people can collaborate on testing apps on different Chumby devices. I went to the Wiki and I’ve got columns for all devices except for the prototype models, unless y’all think I should include them, or maybe exclude something. (If two devices are known to have equal compatibility with each other.)

Edit: I’m still working on the spreadsheet, but I decided to post the link to it in the Widgets subforum so others can join the fun. (I was having some problems with the forum, but I think I got them sorted.)

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{BTW I was one of the original Pebble backers. It is sitting in a drawer. Unfortunately I beat it up pretty good so you cannot see the screen under the gouges very well.}

If you need another Pebble, I have two in my drawer that look and work fine. I have a Pebble2+ and wear it all the time. My next watch is the Wyze Band (not out yet but presales now).

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