Topic: Connecting Chumby to my Smartphone

I have a question.

My chumby works great on my home network. But, I would like to take it with me when I travel.  RIght now, I have a Verizon XV6700 that has an unlimited data plan. I use WMWIFIRouter on my phone, to essentially make it a WIFI hotspot for my laptop.  It creates a "mini-router" that uses my phones data plan as the WAN.

I would like to connect my Chumby with WMWIFIRouter so that I can take my Chumby with me when i travel.  WMWIFIRouter has DHCP, and DNS, but i cant get it to connect. 

Any suggestions?

Re: Connecting Chumby to my Smartphone

What frequency is the Wifi on the hotspot?

Due to its age, the chumby only supports 802.11b/g at 2.4GHz, many modern devices default to 5GHz.  There might be a setting on the hotspot to enable it if it supports it but not enabled by default.