Topic: Odd behavior on "My eBay" Widget

I've been running the My eBay widget successfully for some time now.
(its the one that allows you to see the items you have on "watch."
Recently it begins to display the items, the item description text appears just briefly then is quickly over-written with the message, "IP limit exceeded."  If one advances through their list using the arrows "< or >" again the item text appears briefly and then the error message is displayed.
Does anyone know that that is all about?
I've tried resetting the chubby, clearing caches, resetting the widget on  nothing seems to work.


Re: Odd behavior on "My eBay" Widget

Sounds like eBay is now throttling accesses to their system from any single IP within some period of time.

Looking at the widget, it appears that we host a PHP script that handles authentication - which means that all such requests are routing through our system, thus all traffic appears to be coming from a single IP.  The script adds special authorization credentials to the widget's request to prove to eBay the request is legitimate.

Re: Odd behavior on "My eBay" Widget

Thanks Duane.
Seems it is running again now.
I guess it makes sense if all Chumby users go through the same IP address for authentication.

Re: Odd behavior on "My eBay" Widget

Yeah, we'll probably find that this problem happens every now and then, as we hit the limit for some period, and then a new period starts.