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I know it's out there but what are the chances of someone getting a DLNA client on this thing, that would extend the life of mine for years.

Re: DLNA video player

Looking into this it looks like djmount /Boxee/djmount can find dlan/upnp server and mount as a share.  Also found a flash light plex client /discussion/38314/plexnmt-a-flash-lite-plex-client-for-popcornhour it might need some work since it works with a remote.
I have also been looking around for how to get make a video plugin, even hard coded for my server would be fine.
I guess I need to try to mount a share in the usb and see if the current video player can deal with that.

Re: DLNA video player

We had UPnP/DLNA working on several chumby devices, and almost went to market with it enabled in the Infocast 8" devices, but the Insignia folks nixed it at the last minute due to the potential of too many support issues.  Sony also had it on their initial list of requirements for the dash, but pulled it during development.  It's highly doubtful that I have any binaries around and I don't have a cross-build system up and running for dash.

It was implemented using djmount and fuse.

One issue was that despite the "standard", most DLNA implementations weren't very compatible with each other.  In the case of the chumby-branded devices, much of the media was encumbered by DRM that we could not implement and keep the devices open.