Topic: Alternate control panels/themes for Chumbified Dash

First I want to thank those responsible for bringing the Dash back to life.  My unit was on the scrap heap waiting to be recycled when I happened to stumble on link that talked about converting the Dash to Chumby.

That said, I was wonder if there are any other options for the control panel besides the 3 that come with the install package.

I'd like to be able to use the original Dash.  I found a thread here with download links.  I can't post the link here for some reason but the id for the topic is 9758

And I copied the 4.4.01 control panel file to a usb stick and booted the Dash.  But I'm stuck on a screen that says "Authorizing."  So I'm guessing that something is missing.

I've learned how to ssh into the Dash so I should be able to follow some basic instructions if there is a workaround for this problem.

Thanks for any help or guidance.

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Re: Alternate control panels/themes for Chumbified Dash

Before you do anything you have to anoint your Dash with the Oil of Chumby.  Follow these directions exactly:

Once you have successfully done that, you can load many of the Dash themes manually using the instructions in the thread you cited.  You want to change themes, not a different control panel.  That won't get you anywhere.