Topic: Facebook apps (5/1/2015)

Due to some recent changes with Facebook's back end systems, some of the Facebook-related chumby apps might not currently work properly. We have replacements currently being tested and will have them out as soon as practically possible.

Basically, the chumby widgets used an API (Graph v1) which was deprecated as of yesterday. Unfortunately, the new API (Graph v2) we are now required to use has not been sufficiently robust to put out a new app, so we've been working diligently on workarounds.

In the new required API, Facebook has severely curtailed access to certain types of information it previously made available to such apps, so the new chumby apps will have some reduced functionality compared to the previous versions. We will be providing the best experience we can given the new restrictions.

The current Facebook apps have been set to no longer be visible in the app catalog - existing apps already in channels will remain there, however, you cannot add new ones.