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For reasons that I forget, I'm subscribed to the webOS Newsletter despite not writing any apps. Today, I got sent this:

webOS Cloud Services to end January 15, 2015
Cloud services support for webOS devices will be ending on January 15, 2015. We appreciate our customer's loyalty the webOS platform. But now, more than three (3) years after the last device was sold, only a small fraction of the devices are still connecting. Therefore, the time has come to shut down the services.

All devices running webOS devices will continue to run after the cloud services are terminated. However, they will no longer be able to:

    Download new apps or updates. The HP App Catalog will be unavailable after the shutdown
    Backup or restore devices from the cloud
    Setup new devices
    Recover lost passwords

What this means to you:

    The HP App Catalog will stop supporting new app purchases on November 1, 2014
    Updates may be posted by developers until November 10, 2014 and users can download any available updates until the services shut down
    You should make arrangements to backup or transfer your contacts, etc.prior to the service shutdown on January 15, 2015
    You will no longer be able to backup, restore, reset or initialize a webOS device as of January 15, 2015

There will be additional reminders as the final shutdown approaches. An FAQ can be found at … wQ04W5N0Ed


    10/15/14    Announcement to users and developers
    11/1/14      New app purchases end
    11/10/14    App update submissions end
    1/15/15      Public shutdown of services

HP webOS Cloud Services

As a HP TouchPad user, I'm fairly sad about this. Rather than writing some useless petition that won't work, I'm going to link you to here, where you can follow the instructions and make your device last a couple more years. If it gets more stable, LuneOS seems like it may work as well, however I wouldn't count on it. Remember to buy all apps that you want by November 1.

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For personal reference (And whoever else needs them) I've uploaded the latest WebOS Doctor for TouchPad here: …

And all Novacom drivers here: …

These links may go down at any time, so I'd save them to your hard drive if you MAY ever need them in the future.

EDIT: I've also saved Doctors for the following devices.

Pre Plus Verizon 2.1.0: … 0.jar?dl=0

Pre Plus Verizon … 1.jar?dl=0

Pre Plus O2/Movistar 2.1.0: … 0.jar?dl=0

Pre 2 Verizon 2.1.0: … 0.jar?dl=0

Pre 3 Verizon 2.2.4: … 4.jar?dl=0

Pre 2 Unlocked (I think) 2.2.4: … 4.jar?dl=0

Pre Plus Verizon 2.2.4 (VERY buggy. DON'T run unless you know what you're doing): … 4.jar?dl=0

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webOS Internals has a "survival kit" about how to keep operating after the shutdown. See

They've been working on lots of tools to adapt devices to work without an official catalog or cloud.

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Well, at least the shutdown convinced HP to make one more issue of Pivot, for old times' sake.

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BTW, It looks like HP forgot to shut the servers down (Oops!). If you didn't hear, they extended the shutdown date to March 15th, and didn't actually do anything then.