Topic: Any stats on the number of users subscribing?

I am just curious how many Chumby users have subscribed to the new service.

I am also curious how many new Chumbys came online when the news broke that the service was up again.

Re: Any stats on the number of users subscribing?

enough to keep the lights on and look towards the future.

Duane had a nice comment on it the other day, in his typical style.  perhaps he'll repeat it here.

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Re: Any stats on the number of users subscribing?

Here's what I put in the moderator's forum as an answer to that question, updated for today:

Without getting into numbers, the relevant levels are:

1) Nobody subscribed, world ends.
2) Some people subscribed, not enough to sustain, world ends.
3) Enough people subscribed to break even on current recurring costs.
4) Enough people subscribed to cover current costs and all past costs.
5) Enough people subscribed to cover costs including my time developing this stuff.
6) Duane takes his wife out to dinner a few more times per month.
7) Duane starts hanging around Ferrari dealerships.
8) Blue Octy acquires Google with cash, brings Firefly back to TV.

We're probably solidly in 4) at this point - if nothing changes, over the next three or four months we'll be in the mode of paying off the debt accrued over the last year and a half, and should be in the black later in the year.  Orders at and the CafePress store have been picking up as well, which helps a bit.

Note that the break even cost really hasn't been established exactly yet because we haven't seen the final server load, but we think we have a fair handle on what it will be.  The servers are holding up very well.

A significant number of devices still don't know about the new service - they're still showing the "Space Clock".  It may be a while before they switch over, unless the user manually restarts them.

We are seeing devices showing up that were not in the original database from Chumby so that's kinda interesting.  We haven't checked to see if we're getting devices that didn't hit us over the last year.

Re: Any stats on the number of users subscribing?

You might be getting people who were using Zurkware and/or Nathanware on Chumbys they purchased in the last year and a half. Word is getting around that Chumby/Blue Octy is up and running so they may be moving back to the "official" software.

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Re: Any stats on the number of users subscribing?

May I suggest a 6a level?
Duane buys a new Fiat or Mini Cooper or maybe even a nice little Kia.

Seriously, glad you are getting favorable responses so far to keep things going in the right direction. Would not be good to be in level 1 or 2.

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