Topic: Is there a place to list dependencies?

I've seen Duane explain what is needed for this or that part of the full prior chumby service in multiple places on the forum. Would it be possible to start gathering that in one place so we have a basis to triage features and consolidate workarounds? For instance (and please correct if any of these are wrong):

  • The Flash security model requires that the server grant permission to the client's domain to access some types of content (including XML).

    • This may present problems for hosting some widgets from domains other than *

  • It is difficult to store widget configuration information on the device itself (again due to Flash security).

  • The TOS under which widget authors uploaded their widgets must be respected until they agree to new TOS. This includes allowing them to remove their widgets from the system. They are owned by their authors, not chumby.

  • Some parts of the system are licensed and closed-source, and thus must be maintained by Blue Octy, absent a new/amended license.