Topic: Question on the stub server

Just a quick question. How does the new server handle new Chumbys? Does it still ask for an account, or does it do something else? I hear for now everyone's account is named 'Chumby', but what do you put into setup? This is my last question, honest!

Re: Question on the stub server

You don't have to do anything. You do not have to sign in to an account at this time. You will need to sign in to Pandora the first time.
Hope this is not your last question. We are all very civilized and want people to learn about this cuddly device.

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Re: Question on the stub server

As far as I can tell, when the Chumby sends its ID to the server, the server tells it what account it belongs to -- with the stub server, this communication is circumvented (server-side) and the server just says "you belong to the Chumby account", which has the one Star Trek clock widget.

So yes... you don't need to activate it.  If/when the regular service is restored, you would need to activate it then, and I presume that will be similar to the previous, relatively straightforward process.