Topic: Welcome to Off-Topic -- RULES AND GUIDELINES, PLEASE READ

Hello, and welcome to our trial run of the off-topic board!  In an effort to promote a sense of community, we are creating the off-topic board to allow members to socialize more freely and discuss non-Chumby-related topics.

Up to this point, all of you in the community have posted with a level of civility and thoughtfulness rarely seen in online forums -- we are hoping this can extend to the off-topic board as well.  Please bear in mind that "off-topic" does not mean "anything goes"!  We ask that you avoid controversial topics like religion and politics, and to maintain your cool and level heads while posting in here.  A fair (but not absolute) measure of whether a post is appropriate here would be whether you'd say it at the water cooler in a professional office environment.  As always, the standard forum rules (refresh your memory here) apply -- no personal attacks, no derogatory or obscene comments, ad nauseum.  Use your good judgement, and if in doubt -- don't post.

Unlike the other Chumby boards, moderation will likely be much more active here, to ensure threads are not derailed or degrade into flame wars.  We will try to refrain from outright deleting posts -- instead, asking those who have made questionable posts to edit or remove their post -- but reserve the right to wield full control as we deem necessary to maintain civility in the forums.

Lastly, if we find the off-topic board to be detrimental to the Chumby community, we reserve the right to remove it altogether.  Let's work together to make sure that won't be necessary big_smile


Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who've been using the off-topic forum.  While it's not necessarily the most active forum around here (I don't think that's a bad thing) it's definitely getting some use, and all the posts seem to be positive and constructive!  I think we can safely call the trial run a success, and hopefully with the death and resurrection of Chumby, it will continue to be a useful and constructive place for us all smile