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Hi all. I'm trying to compile a recent kernel for the chumby classic. This cpu board is used for a time attendance system, and I need to support newer wifi card, so I need an updated kernel.
One thing that I can't find on newer linux versions is "I.MX21 nand flash controller" support: it seems to be something added by chumby. Is it true?
Have someone already built a new kernel for the classic? If so, could you share how you did it, please?

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Some of the drivers, like this one, very likely came from Freescale as part of their original development package for this processor.

You should find these drivers in the source packages we've posted - you would probably have to port them to work with a newer kernel.

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I've searched on Freescale website, but it points me to some kernel made by Timesys, and than I haven't found a proper kernel version with full support. Could you point me to the right version?

Given that newer kernels seems to support almost all the features but nand flash, I think the easiest solution would be to boot from usb..

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All fo the sources to our version of the kernel are posted here - look for the most recent "Ironforge" kernel.

I'm not sure the iMX21 can boot from USB - even if it could, you'd probably have to modify the board to do it.

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I'm trying to do the same thing and am going to give the latest 2.6 a shot.  What wireless card are you using?

I'm running into usb driver timeout issues with my Realtek-based NIC (ASUS).  I have a Ralink-based one (also ASUS) in the mail with the built driver ready to go but am not sure I won't run into the same issue...

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Way back when I imported the kernel changes release by chumby into github forks of the official kernel repository.  You may find these easier to cherry-pick/merge/port the changes to a newer kernel:

(The branches page seems to time-out, so maybe just go here: to clone the whole repo)

The branches you care about are as follows:

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