Topic: System issues 11/23/2012

As some of you may have noticed, there are some intermittent problems related to the Chumby services that are affecting the devices.

It may manifest in many ways:

1) The device may stop playing widgets and revert to the clock, indicating that it needs activation
2) Upon reboot, it may ask to have the network configured
3) If may fail to download the Control Panel
4) It may fail to authorize and want to be reactivated
5) Certain music sources, such as Pandora, may not appear in the list
6) Certain music sources may not display a list of stations
7) Certain widgets may fail to show the configured information

The problem has been traced to a load balancer as Amazon AWS, which is randomly providing an non-functioning IP address for Chumby's servers approximately 25% of the time.  Unfortunately, this behavior is out of our control to fix.

We are attempting to resolve this issue with Amazon and hope to have the system restored soon.

Sorry about the difficulties.  Once the problem is fixed, the devices should act normally again.

Re: System issues 11/23/2012

Devices should be back to normal.

Some units may require a reboot.