Topic: Chumby Classic: will not authorize

My 5.5 year old Chumby stopped working yesterday! It has been working faithfully for years, but yesterday I noticed my apps were not being displayed - just the clock. I am connected to the Internet (have an IP), but when I press the "Authorize" button on the main control panel screen my Chumby tries to connect but I end up with a message stating "Authorization timed out. Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the network". When I reboot the Chumby, it says it is downloading the control panel, so I assume it is connected to the network.

Any ideas?

Re: Chumby Classic: will not authorize

We're having a load balancer problem at Amazon AWS.  We have a support ticket in to fix it.

When Amazon fixes the problem, the devices will act normally again.

Re: Chumby Classic: will not authorize

My Classic was having the same problem. It is working this morning.

Thanks !!!