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Re: Insider Launch?

Do you guys have like a time every week that you send out the insider emails, or is it just whenever you feel like it? (I'm checking my email like 5 times a day just to see if I got my golden ticket ^^;; )

Re: Insider Launch?

Duane wrote:

We're sending invite emails to the "contact me when chumby is available" list, not the "convince us to give you a free prototype chumby" list, because, well, there aren't any more free prototype chumbys.

you are joking right?   so i had to sign up twice, yet no one told me?


see the post i just posted above.

disappointed and chumbyless with my initial request in NOVEMBER of 2006!   did you think we only wanted free ones because we were cheap?

Re: Insider Launch?

OK, here's what we're going to do, since this appears to be a bit of a mess.

We're merging the lists and *everyone* that signed up for *any* of our lists before today should get an email by the end of October.

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thanks duane!  i have a better reply in my "other thread".

you guys rock. 


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Does location have anything to do with the insiders launch? Secondly will location have anything to do when the store is open to the public?

I am in Canada and I live close to the American boarder. I have family who live on the other side, which is where the device would be shipped to but my actual account has my address.



Re: Insider Launch?

Just a quick note.  I actually found my golden ticket in my gmail spam folder.  If you think you should have one by now it may be work looking for it there.

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Re: Insider Launch?

Do the golden tickets expire and will the price stay the same for the foreseeable future? I am in a money bind at the moment and can't really buy one at the moment car just took a poop.

Re: Insider Launch?

I just became a Chumby Insider! For anyone who is wondering, the store will only ship to the United States. You are also not able to bill to any other address other then the US. So my idea of driving across the boarder is a bust.

Guess I'll have to wait until Canada gets added to the list :-(.


Re: Insider Launch?

I got my Chumby today! Will be posting pix on my blog soon.

It's cool..I look fwd. to using it. I think I'll really be diggin' it when you guys add the ability to customize our YouTube video playlists (please tell me you're adding that) and add Internet radio...the ability to hear Internet radio on this thing is a big reason I bought the thing.

Thanks so much Chumby chums!

Very cute packaging. I just hope my kids don't try to use it as a hacky sack. B-D


Re: Insider Launch?

Julby, one of the published hacks allows you to stream internet radio.  shoe even got it to stream Sirius.

Congrats on your new Chumby!

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