Topic: Matrix control Netv


Hi i have been going through google looking for a devices that could potentially do the following:

overlay a UI on top of a HDMI feed, so i can create a GUI on a Tv which which has a HDMI Matrix plugged into.

On the UI i would have an image of the source devices that are plugged into the matrix say, bluray, sky HD,  PC etc and when selected it would tell the matrix to switch to the Right input. This means i would need the UI to send an RS232 code via an ethernet to Rs232 converter.

is this possible with a Netv ?

cheers everyone

Re: Matrix control Netv

The Netv allows you to superimpose information over an HDTV feed.  You can show the UI you want trivially.
I think that using the Netv remote to do the user interaction is harder, as it involves real code that runs on the Netv, but it is certainly possible.

The Netv has a USB port that is also uses for power, and I presume you can do the control with an RS232-USB dongle, but that will be a bit uglier since you have to arrange for power as well.  I think it might be easier and more flexible (although a bit more costly) to use something like an Arduino to take a wireless command from the Netv to provide the control signals.