Topic: Snooze bug

Hi Duane,

I've come across a bug with the latest bata control panel.

When an alarm goes off and I hit the bend switch to snooze, I go to the control panel. But if I hit the onscreen snooze button, I go back to my clock widget as expected.

This started happening a couple weeks ago so maybe it's tied to a new beta? Tried searching the forums but haven't seen any reports of this yet.

I'm running a chumby classic with current firmware and beta CP.


Re: Snooze bug


this is a regression which was added with control panel 2.8.49 and still exists with 2.8.50. The old control panel 2.8.36 works as expected.

If the bend switch (top button) is used to snooze a ringing alarm, then this activates the control panel instead of the previously running widget. It is annoying as one would expect to see either a clock widget or a clock overlay and not the control panel.

The expected behaviour is to show the channel with the previously running widget. This was the case with control panel 2.8.36.

Please solve this issue.



Re: Snooze bug

Please check again with Control Panel Beta 2.8.84

Re: Snooze bug

It works, thanks for solving the issue!