Topic: A microwiki for Chumby

I found myself with a need to create a small wiki for limited internal use - I decided to use a chumby, since you know, I have a couple lying around.

Since I already had node.js ported, I decided to use that to code it.  So, in about 400 lines of Javascript, you have a pretty complete wiki.  I also built a small Flash-based UI that will show the status of the wiki on the chumby's display - it will automatically dim the screen, but can be woken up with a tap on the touchscreen, or with the top button.

You can download the code (including source for the Flash) here.  Just put in on a USB dongle, unpack it, then boot a chumby with it - it should work on CC, C1, C8, I8 and I3.5.  Sorry, it will not work on the dash.

Since node.js uses a lot of memory, this wiki takes over the entire device - you can't run the Control Panel or widgets while this is running, so you'll need to configure the network before booting to the dongle.

You will see the IP of the device on the screen - you can then use a computer with a browser to access it.   If you have a computer/Browser that supports zeroconf/Bonjour, like Safari on a Mac, then it will show up with the name found in "/psp/hostname".

The node.js file will work on pretty much anything, not just a chumby - you just need to change the file path to someplace you want to store the pages.  The code is released under the MIT license.

The markup is based on BBCode - hit the "Help' link for assistance.  Also, the CSS, header, footer, and any Javascript you want on the pages are all available for editing as special pages.

Note that the wiki does not have "accounts" - there are no credentials.  It also does not handle collisions, and does not store a history.


Re: A microwiki for Chumby

Hi Duane

Thanks for posting the link to your Node-based wiki. It is really useful to have a practical example as a basis for further hacking.

However, when I try to run the code, I get the following error message....

     "./node: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Naturally I had a look in the usual library locations, and the message is correct; libssl doesn't exist. (Although I did find the openssl library files)

I've googled around to see how I could get hold of the missing library, but to date I'm drawing a blank :-(

Any ideas?


ps - I was trying to run this on a Chumby One.

Re: A microwiki for Chumby

The tarball should have contained that library.

Re: A microwiki for Chumby

Duh. Yep, there it is, in the unpack directory. Staring me in the face :-(

Many thanks for having the patience to reply.