Topic: White Screen of Death

Ordered Chumby 8 from

Plugged it in for the first time and all it displays is a white screen. I tried using different outlets but it still shows just a white screen. Looks like it is something internal as I move the plug around and the screen flashes or jitters sometimes.

I have tried emailing support but am not getting a response.

Please assist as I would like to exchange it because I really do like the concept but I am getting irritated.

Here are my support cases:



Re: White Screen of Death

I get this sometimes as well when running Pandora.  I just assumed it was something to do with the server issues recently.

Sounds like a bad batch of C8's made their way to woot.


Re: White Screen of Death

Man, so I guess this is a lost cause. Requesting a refund from Woot.