Topic: chumby one: post alarm action

I'd like to see a post alarm action option where, once I turn off my alarm (primary or backup) I have the option to go to whatever widget is available to me.
My daily scenario is that I have night mode set from 11pm - 7am daily.  My alarm is set to go off at 6:25 for 1 minute and my  backup alarm 1 minute later.  When I turn off the alarm (either one), I'm awake!  In this case I'd like my weather or traffic widget to be available right off the bat.

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Re: chumby one: post alarm action

If you don't want your Chumby in Night Mode until 7am, then why have you set it to do that?
You can set post-alarm actions when creating or editing Custom Alarms. Set up a channel with your traffic and weather widgets in it (I'd make it go Traffic > Clock > Weather > Clock for early morning use). Then in your 6.25 alarm, in the Set Action After Alarm screen, set it to Play Weather/Traffic (or whatever you've called the channel).
An alternative, and this is how I do it, is to set a silent alarm that comes on before you need to get up. I have my 'Morning' channel come on silently at 6.30, so if I'm awake I can glance at weather, traffic, calendar and emails, all interspersed with the time. At 7.30, the audio alarm comes on, because that's when I actually need to get up. The action after the 7.30 alarm is set to Return to Prior Screen, because the Chumby is already on the channel that I want it to be on.