Topic: Update fail / boot to select timezone screen on reboot

Just got the WOWBox 08 (Infocast 8 equivalent) in Singapore running Chumby software. Everytime I get a software update pop-up and I click NOW, it says, software update unsucessful and it reboots to the timezone screen and I have to setup from scratch. Done it at least 6 times now.

I've tried special options, but there's no software update button. Reset factory settings doesn't do anything. And there's nothing that I can download to a USB flash drive, at least nothing that I can immediately see on this website. My WiFi is working fine, I can download apps to my device. The apps don't wipe, it just resets to the timezone screen everytime I reboot.

Here is my product information:

CP Version: 3.1.21v
SW: 1.8.0
FW: 1.8.3590
Model Number: 9.12

Please advise as to why it's not auto updating, why there's no software available for download from the website, and most importantly why it keeps rebooting to the timezone screen every single time. Many thanks.

Re: Update fail / boot to select timezone screen on reboot

We do not provide direct support for this product - we support only chumby-branded products.

You need to contact the company from whom you bought this device.  Tell them you have a defective SD card.