Topic: Can anyone help test an AS3 application?

Hello everyone.

I have made a widget (National Weather Service Radar Loop (soon to be user configurable as to location)) and jumped the gun and used AS3, but all I have to test on is a Dash which (pending a firmware update) is only AS2.

Would anyone with a AS3  chumby device like a chumby8  (firmware 1.8.3872) or Insignia Infocast 8" (firmware 1.7.3719) be willing to see if it loads and let me know about the performance?

Since it's a private app at this point I'd have to share it with you.

I tried Vitual Chumby but it is apparently is not AS3 yet either.


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Re: Can anyone help test an AS3 application?

I'll test it.  My Infocast 8 (I8's) have been updated.

I have a similiar touch screen set up which I use in my home automation configuration.  You can drag and tap to focus.