Topic: Chumby the Space Heater

I just got my Chumby today!  I am having on and off connection problems, but I might be able to figure it out.

In any case, has anyone else noticed the touchscreen of the Chumby gets kinda warm?  It was suprising, as I was not expecting that..


Re: Chumby the Space Heater

Yeah, I noticed the same thing. I was pretty surprised. I've had warm, heck even hot, laptops but it was always the bottom that got hot. I've never had a gadget where the screen got so warm. I am not sure what the temp is but its close to the heat I have coming off my laptop.


Re: Chumby the Space Heater

Here's the explanation from our FAQ:

Is it normal for my touchscreen to get so warm?
The chumby touchscreen can get warm. This level of heat is within the tolerance of the components, so don't worry. However, if at any point the touchscreen is too hot to touch, unplug your chumby immediately and contact Customer Support.

So, it can get pretty warm, but do contact us if it's too hot to touch.
Customer Support is at .