Topic: Share logins between and forums, consider OpenID

I found the activation process for the Chumby very easy and pleasant. As a software developer I found the authentication mechanism with the dots to be very clever.

I would suggest that chumby consider using OpenID logins, such as those from Google. Its a handy way to authenticate your users and saves me the hassle of having *another* login. Also its utterly ridiculous that my account used to activate my chumby cannot be used to login to the forums.

I hope this feedback was helpful.

Re: Share logins between and forums, consider OpenID

The forum existed about a year before the chumby actually shipped - there were close to 1000 forum users.

We're generally loath to rely on a third party for authentication - we also have certain requirements with some of our partners (Sony, et al) that preclude the use of a third party.  Sone of these authentication systems are pretty much browser only and very difficult to implement in pure web services, such as the chumby requires.

Of course, the great thing about "single sign on" services is that there are so many of them.