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i've created an app called xPLChumbyTTS that makes the infocast play an mp3 containing whatever TTS you want spoken.  it uses the xPL networking protocol and a few bits & pieces so it's not straight forward. the main part is the app that runs on a windows pc & uses SAPI to generate the speech and a python script that runs on your infocast parsing xPL messages as it gets them.  there's more details and a download link here

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Very, very cool.

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The TTS works great. 

Also developed by doghouselabs is remote control of the Infocasts and a "touchscreen" which allows for some interaction relating to Home automation.  (so you have now a floating across the screen CID, TTS, screen saver and custom touch panel).   I am currently remote dimming the Infocast via my HA box using some simple doghouselabs created for MS application.  The same application will let you run custom control panel widgets etc.